all day breakfast

Persian eggs poached eggs with Meredith Dairy goats fetta, dukkah, spring onion & avocado $14.00
Salmon eggs scrambled eggs with fresh atlantic smoked salmon, avocado & chives $14.00
Vegetarian eggs scrambled eggs with semi sundried tomatoes, grilled field mushrooms & fresh herbs $14.00
Start with eggs and create your own breakfast
poached or scrambled eggs on toast $8.50
Add ons
smoked salmon / chorizo / smashed avocado & goats cheese $4 EA
bacon / meredith feta / avocado $3.50 EA
mushrooms / grilled tomato / spinach / extra egg / gluten free bread $2 EA
relish / mustard / pesto / sauce / tasty cheese $1 EA
Chilli wrap poached eggs, bacon, avocado, chilli & cheese in a toasted tortilla $14.50
Spanish wrap poaches eggs, Spanish chorizo, relish, capsicum, Spanish onion & swiss cheese in a toasted tortilla $14.50
Vegetarian wrap poached eggs, pesto, goats cheese, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms & spinach in a toasted tortilla $14.50
Bacon melt melted tasty cheese, marinated mushrooms, chutney & grilled bacon on an open toastie $12.50
Chicken melt melted vintage cheddar, smoked chicken, avocado & chilli on an open toastie $12.50
Smashed avocado & goats fetta on grilled ciabatta with smoked salmon & chives OR grilled bacon $13.50
Big Breakfast bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomato, basil pesto, cheese, mayo & eggs (poached or scrambled) $19.50
Breakfast Bruschetta ciabatta grilled with herb & chilli butter then topped with truss tomatoes, goats cheese, grilled bacon, & a poached egg $15.50
Breakfast muesli organic muesli with milk & yoghurt (add fresh fruit $2.00) $10.50
la madre sourdough vine fruit loaf with butter & jam $6.50
schwob’s toast with butter & topping $5.50
(jam, honey, peanut butter, nutella, vegemite)
variations happily accepted